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Commodore 64 Turns 30 This Year

Having found an article about the Commodore 64 turning 30 this year, I reflected back in a comment on that page about what it is like to be only 1 year older than the Commodore 64, a computer which spiked my interest in technology away from a games system to something much more. The original article is available at

“I just turned 31 a couple of days ago on January 7th, and when I was in grade 2 (about 8-9 years old I guess) I started getting interested in the Commodore 64s we had at our school that were plentiful, but rarely used. I remember the first thing the teacher taught me; $p$g

The Commodore 64 replaced my interest with Nintendo (which I still have) to a greater interest that shaped me and caused me to grow technologically. This grew into the Packard Bell 486/25 my parents bought where I played flight simulator (after my Dad purchased more RAM for the computer at $100 a MB), and ran a BBS (the first month I played around with the 2400 baud modem calling Las Vegas BBS numbers that a friends father gave me; I lived in Sarnia, ON, Canada which is north-east of Detroit), and eventually ran my own BBS. Running a BBS gave me the sense of community that I possess and the love of telecommunications that is my career to this day.

So thank you Commodore for your C64 which has allowed me to carve out my career and greatly influenced who I am; and not just professionally.”

Written by Leif Madsen

2012/01/09 at 8:05 am

Why NDAs are Useless

Here is a post I came across from my twitter feed discussing why NDAs are essentially useless and unenforceable in the digital age. Many good points are made, and for the most part I agree with them. I’m not quite so vehemently opposed to them as the author is as I know they aren’t enforceable. The reason I sign them is a good faith gesture to my clients. I think we both know they aren’t useful, but it gives the client a nice litmus test to determine whether I’m just looking to steal ideas, or at least to say, “Hey, it’d be great if you didn’t twitter or blog about anything you learn while looking at our system.” — at least not directly of course, you can’t ask me to forget something I may have learned while working on a project for you 🙂

Written by Leif Madsen

2009/12/09 at 6:01 pm